Why make camp a priority this summer?

A parent was asked why they send their child to camp each summer and if they were going to be returning this year? Her response was;

“Camp is not an option – it’s a priority. There is nothing throughout the year that can offer to our boys what camp does. I have noticed year after year, it is here that they gain more confidence, get to try things they otherwise couldn’t, and are meeting great friends. Even more importantly it has been most significant for their spiritual growth.”

At Cherith, it is our hope that every child gets a chance to have a Christian camping experience each summer and we want to do whatever possible to make that a reality in 2015.

Sure, some will still say: “camp is just a week away from home or a nice break from the kids for the parents.” It is that, but it is so much more!

 Recent research and feedback from parents have found that having a Christian camp experience has been recognized to:

  1. improve children’s & youth’s social skills
  2. see young people be willing to try new things
  3. help make children healthier by getting outdoors
  4. develop leadership skills and healthy independence in young people
  5. lead to greater likelihood of staying connected with their faith
  6. increase confidence and self-esteem
  7. serve as a great place of fun, friends and memories for a lifetime

for some more info on the benefits of summer camp, click here.

 SO!   If this is what a young person gets from a camp experience, it makes complete sense why it is a priority for a family to ensure their kids get this type of experience each year!

And this is why Cherith has existed for over 60 years – to be an affordable Christian camp in the beautiful Grey Bruce area providing a positive, safe and high quality life-changing experience for the next generation!