Why I want to come back to camp.

While fun, games, friends, good programming, and time well spent are all elements of camp that I love, there is something far greater.  It’s something you can’t really understand unless you’ve been there, it’s something you can’t really explain to an outsider, and it’s something you can’t really miss once you’re there.  Simply put, God is there.  God is at camp, and it’s obvious to almost all who come.  Multiple prayer meetings are built into every day, scripture is included in every activity, and God receives the glory for all that is accomplished.  God is woven through every element of Cherith, and as such, it’s a joy and a privilege to experience it.  The Spiritual nature of camp allows you to help campers grow, not just in their life skills department, but in their relationship with Jesus, the most important relationship they could ever have.  God is at camp, and He is working—in visible and invisible ways—and working at Cherith gives me an opportunity to be a part of it.  This is why I want to come back to camp.

R. S.