Why I Love Camp Cherith

Imagine a place where the kids outnumber the adults and you get to try something new every day. Imagine making new friends and not seeing your parents for a WEEK! Imagine campfires,  and sunshine.  Imagine a place where all the staff have silly nicknames like Reepicheep, Chief, Daisy, and French Fry, and Squishy.  Imagine a place where God is worshiped everyday.  In a typical week a ten year old child spends one whole day on the sofa and only two and a half hours outside, imagine shattering that statistic!  For me this is paradise, this is Camp Cherith. Greetings future campers, my name is Ada and let me tell you about one of my favourite places on earth and why everyone should go to Camp Cherith.

I started going to camp when I was seven years old.  I loved it from the first time I went.  I never want to leave.  There are many fun to do at camp like archery, horseback riding, canoeing, squishy slimy world, kayaking, air riflery, exploring, mountain biking, crafts, splash attack, swimming lesson, survival, extreme survival, geo tracking and even more. On Wednesday night we even have a cookout and sleep out night.  Every time I go to camp I can try to new things.  But each time I go to camp I work on developing my skills in three areas.  Last summer I took horseback riding and got my level one, this summer I will go back and work on my level two.  This summer I want to earn my first level in canoeing and kayaking.  Camp is a great place to become interested in new things.  Sixty three percent of children who learn a new activity at camp are still interested in those activities when they go home from camp.

One of my best friends at camp is Kayly Chapman.  She goes to Cambridge Christian School.  My mom went to Camp Cherith with her mom when she was little, and now we go to camp together.  So friends from camp can last a lifetime.  Sometimes I get to see Kayly at Christian school activities like cross country running.  Friends from camp last all year long, but friends from home can come to camp too.  Alexis came to camp for a mother/daughter weekend with me when we were seven. I make lots of new friends at camp . In a cabin, there are eight girls and one counselor.  We spend a lot of time together and become good friends.  We eat together in the dining hall, we sleep together and we often play together.  We get to know each other really well. I even remember seven of the eight girls in my cabin.   Seventy percent of kids who come to Camp Cherith return for a least one more year.  This shows how much people like going to Camp Cherith, and because they keep coming back we might see them again summer after summer.  Camp Cherith is a great place to make friends.

Camp Cherith is a Christian camp, and we talk about God all day, even when you are having fun.  We study the Bible and hear campfire stories and sing fun songs and worship songs.  We even learn how to worship God at horseback riding.  Many kids accept God at camp and they begin a lifelong relationship with Him there. Last summer five hundred and forty eight kids came to camp in the summer and thirty kids accepted Jesus as their Lord and saviour.  Camp gives people the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God and one day they can even become counselors and share their love of Jesus with other children.  One of the leaders, Dipper, became a Christian at camp nearly fifty years ago and now she is the director.

When I am at camp, I feel like I belong.  I actually feel I am home even though I am two hours away from my house.  I feel way because I have fun at camp and I make friends there, and because I feel close to God when I am there.  I think you should go to Camp Cherith because I think you will feel these things too.P1090079