What is “the power of camp”? What makes summer camp such a unique experience?

Camp Cherith provides a unique setting in which kids can get away from their normal routine and more fully process their hopes and dreams for their future, including evaluating the kind of life God intends for them. The things they can break away from are peer pressure, difficult expectations and self-pressure to maintain their reputation back home. They can ask important questions, evaluate who they want to become, shed old habits and negative behaviors and exchange them for the truth that God created them, loves them and calls them to a life of meaning and purpose.

Camp Cherith provides temporary community — a term we use to describe the freedom to drop their normal burdens, baggage and expectations and more clearly seek God’s plan in a week away at camp. In this community, a student is freer to make life changing decisions in an atmosphere of acceptance.

Much has been written recently about the benefits of time in nature, free play time, adventure and new experiences in adolescence and childhood. Camp Cherith provides those opportunities every day. The average Canadian child only spends four minutes playing outside each day and they spend more than seven hours a day using electronics. This is a nature-starved generation, and Camp Cherith is the perfect antidote to that reality.