“Funny, I had to write my God story, birth to current and one theme in my growth I noticed then was Camp Cherith. As a young child it was a fun place where everyone had the same values as I did but as I got older the roles changed, I was asked to take CILT and that transformed my life from just fun Christianity to active servitude, study and hunger. I became a leader at school, church and camp. During my years as a camp staff I was told by a prominent leader in our church that I didn’t need support in my faith because I was on the right path but being on that path was very lonely from Sept – June but my camp friends and co staff encouraged me to keep faithful. Camp during this phase became my shelter from the storm of the world. God taught me love, mercy, grace, protection, faithfulness and his ever present plan. He grew me and I in turn was used to help others. Camp is one of the legacy givers in my life. During the stormy canoe trip he taught me to trust him and he will protect, to call out and he will comfort to praise him and he will give joy. Now as a mom I use the songs and silly games I used at camp with my kids but even more the start on leadership and faith steps have allowed me the ability to continue to teach and serve. Now Camp has begun to teach my kids, it is fun, but it is so much more. Praise God for all the lessons that have been intertwined in my life from Camp, Praise God that camp is still there and now being used to grow my kids, praise God because all good blessings come from him!”