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Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in serving God through service to others at Camp CherithOntario this summer.


Camp CherithOntario is a not for profit, Bible based outdoor program that exists to win, teach and equip our campers and staff to passionately follow Jesus Christ.  Cherith is located just outside of Walkerton, Ontario, situated on approximately 135 acres alongside the Saugeen River.


Being a part of the Cherith staff team is a challenging and rewarding experience. It is a privilege that demands hard work and willing sacrifice. Whether you are able to minister with us for one week or the entire summer, you will have the opportunity to stretch and grow as you serve the Lord.


As you prayerfully consider becoming part of the Cherith Team, you are considering one of the best opportunities to positively impact the life of another person. This mission opportunity, right here in Canada, could have long-reaching benefits, not only for those with whom you work, but also for yourself.


All staff members at Camp Cherith recognize that a camper’s growth in Jesus Christ is their primary

responsibility. They are a walking, talking testimony. Cherith staff minister together, older and younger,

sharing ideas, friendships, and vision. Your individual uniqueness and giftedness is valued as an

important part of the whole ministry team.


            Please pray about this possibility. It is not a summer vacation. Working at Camp Cherith, while good,

            can be a real challenge. You need to be sure that Camp Cherith is where God wants you to serve this




Some Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Would I have to come for the whole summer?


                        No, although many do. You may come for one week, two weeks or all summer.


2. What is the minimum age for staff?


          Other than Service Team positions we require our staff to be at least 17 years old or

            graduates of our CILT program. Some age restrictions apply to other specialty positions also.


3. How much would I get paid?


          Camp Cherith operates with a strong volunteer base. We do offer our summer staff a nominal

            expense reimbursement per week,  as well as providing room and board.



4. What is the ‘Summer Missions’ Program?


            This is a program that makes it possible for you, if you are a student and apply for the entire

            summer, to raise support for yourself, to help with next year’s tuition fees.

            Details are available by calling the camp office.


Staff Positions Available (an overview)


Cabin Leaders;  Responsible for, and lives with, up to 7 campers. Leads Bible Ex. and

devotions (materials provided). Also leads or assists in activities.


Divisional Directors;  Responsible for staff and campers in a particular age division.

Also responsible for divisional activities and may teach an activity.


Activity / Program Staff;  We strive for excellence and provide high quality, action

packed, creative programs. Skill levels in waterfront, riding, crafts, target sports, etc.


Out-trip Leaders;  We offer out-tripping programmes. You must hold a

NLS and Standard First Aid certificate. Preferred age 21 years old. Tripping experience

a must.


Assistant Trippers;  Same as Cabin Leaders.


Health Care;  Responsible for attending to medical needs, administering first aid, dispensing

medications, and keeping accurate records. Will also liase with local doctor on call.


Service Team;  Kitchen Aides are responsible for setting tables, washing pots, running

the dishwasher, maintaining all health and cleanliness standards in the dining hall and

kitchen, and assist with food preparation.  Maintenance Staff are responsible for all

aspects of camp cleanliness and upkeep. Some knowledge of general repairs valuable.


Cook;  Responsible for food preparation, supervision of kitchen staff and inventory



Assistant Cook;  Assists the cook in all aspects of the kitchen operation, and oversees

the kitchen on the cook’s time off.


Office / Tuck Coordinator;  Prepares weekly registration sheets, handles registration

accounts, bank deposits, balances camper tuck accounts, oversees checkout, manages

the tuck shop, and does in town buying and mail pickup. (Valid drivers license required)



          Where do I go from here? (It is easy)


          Click the links below to fill out the online application forms.  Make sure you give the

          reference forms to the appropriate people along with a stamped envelope addressed

          to the Cherith office and encourage them to send it right away.  Once we have received

          all your information you will be contacted to arrange a time for us to meet and get to

          know you and answer any questions you may have.


Application for individuals who served on staff at Camp Cherith - Ontario in 2017

Everyone else - please complete the 'New Staff' Application


Office Address Box 542. Barrie, ON LMN 4T7      (705) 734-2122    (705) 734-2262 (fax)     cherith.ont@sympatico.ca