One of the best things we did

One of the best things we did was to send our girls to Christian summer camp.

It was at camp that they learned to spread their wings – and perhaps even first realized they had them. They absorbed faith deep into their beings. They were pulled, pushed and stretched into new experiences, both physical and spiritual. They have been built into confident, caring leaders and risk takers. They learned the words to funny songs.

Even during summers when we took family trips, we still got them to camp. They wouldn’t have had it any other way. My wife and I are now blessed to see our girls sending their kids to camp. We consider it a privilege to help invest in the lives of our grandchildren when asked if we could help send them to a Christian camp.

It can be expensive to send your kids to camp and I must admit, the expense can be intimidating. But, let me ask you some questions. How much do you spend at your favourite coffee shop each week?  How much do you spend on personal entertainment? What ‘bells and whistles’ could you cut back on? I ask these questions for this reason. What eternal benefit do we get from the ‘cost’ of the above? Perhaps we should shift our focus from thinking of camp as a ‘cost’ to thinking of it as an ‘investment’ – a spiritual investment into the lives of our children and grandchildren.  So, let’s shift our thinking away from this is a cost to this is a gain – an investment in the spiritual health of our children

Dear parent, if you can send your child to camp, do it. You will not be sorry.