Introducing our new Executive Director

Dear Cherith Family                                                                                                                            July 10, 2018

In December of 2017 we announced the upcoming retirement of our faithful and devoted Executive Director and Camp Director, Keith and Shawn Hadigate.  This likewise marked the opening of the competition for the position of our next Executive Director who would carry forth the vision of Camp Cherith – Ontario as an outdoor, skill-based camp remaining centered on Christ.

From the outset it was clear that this position would need to be filled by an individual with a unique skill set and strongly rooted in his or her Christian faith.  We were pleased to receive applications from across Canada and the USA.  At every stage of this process – from the strategic planning through the interviews – we have been grateful for God’s provision of wisdom and guidance.  We are, therefore, exceedingly pleased to announce that we have come to the unanimous decision to offer Heather-Lynn Huston a contract for the position of Executive Director at Camp Cherith – Ontario, which she has accepted.  Beginning 22 July 2018, she will come on board, working side by side with Keith Hadigate.

Heather-Lynn has a deep passion for camping ministry and for Camp Cherith – Ontario in particular.  As the daughter of Keith and Shawn Hadigate, Camp Cherith Ontario is in her blood.  It has been Heather-Lynn’s desire to step into this leadership position since childhood.  She has pursued her gift of service through a career in nursing, all the while seeking leadership opportunities in youth ministry and in diverse roles here at Camp.

We are excited to have Heather-Lynn’s vision, experience and devotion to Camp Cherith, taking our Camp forward.  Most importantly, we are confident in God’s direction.  Camp Cherith – Ontario will continue as it began in 1954:

“To operate and be maintained as an accredited outdoor Christian camping ministry to children, youth and adults, with the purpose of winning them to Christ as Saviour, training them in effective Christian living, and preparing them for Christian service.”  (Camp Cherith – Ontario Statement of Philosophy)

Please join us with your support in welcoming Heather-Lynn Huston as the new Executive Director of Camp Cherith – Ontario.

Yours sincerely,

Trevor Tristram – Board Chair

Keith Hadigate – Executive Director