Controlled Independence

Camp is a great opportunity to learn a little independence, but still have plenty of adult supervision. Mom isn’t hovering about reminding them to brush their teeth and make their bed. But it’s not a free-for-all, either. Kids learn responsibility and independence by keeping their bunks tidy, keeping their clothes together, and being ready on time…all under the supervision of adult leaders.

Positive Role Models
The camp staff are young men and woman who love God and have the best interests of the campers at heart. From the activity staff to the leadership staff to support staff, they are all chosen to be Godly role models who encourage them in their relationship with God.

It’s Fun!
I am not a get-down-in-the-mud kind of guy. I’m not super athletic or competitive and I don’t really care to be dirty. But, growing up at camp, I experienced firsthand the fun and the friendships that define what camp is about. The activities, the all camp games, the lunch time skits, the singing around the campfire, the Wednesday night cookouts and sleep outs. All these things contribute to a week of fun and personal growth.

They Will Encounter God
Camp played a significant role in my spiritual life as I grew up. I accepted Christ at camp. I learned to have a quiet time at camp. I learned to recognize God’s Spirit speaking to my heart at camp. I learned to work out my faith at camp.

At some point, your child will choose to either make your faith their own or reject it entirely. You can’t make that choice for them, but you can give them opportunities along the way.

A Bible-believing camp (such as Camp Cherith Ontario) is the perfect chance for your kids to step into their own relationship with God. For a few days they are not distracted by home life, sibling squabbles, or pressure from school. It’s just them and God.

We often think nothing of plunking down hundreds of dollars for soccer camp, gymnastics camp, hockey camp, or (fill in the blank with any other activity) camp. We even schedule family vacations and other commitments around them, because we recognize the benefit of concentrated efforts in those areas.

What would happen if we put as much effort (and financial backing) toward our children’s spiritual development? What if we gave them every opportunity to stretch their spiritual muscles in a safe and loving environment like camp?

Imagine what might happen when, years down the road, they look back on their camp experience and say, “I know God is real, because I met Him at camp.”