Dining Hall Renovations

Phase 1 (complete)

The Dining Hall has been raised, a solid concrete foundation poured, new beams added and the building has been set back down on the new foundation. New housing hut for the HWT and new electrical room have been built. The walkway between the DH and trailer is complete.

Now that the structure is stabilized and we know the structure is sound, this coming Spring we can proceed with more renovations. They may include, but are not limited to, a re-design of the front of the Dining Hall, new siding, kitchen upgrades and more. These improvements will only begin as finances allow.

Phase 2

Replacement of the front of the Dining Hall. A redesigned entrance will enable us to meet accessibility requirements. It will also allow for an increase in capacity and a more comfortable seating arrangement and improved ventilation.

Measurable Outcomes Camp Cherith Dining Hall

The renovated Dining Hall and Kitchen meets or exceeds all current health and safety codes

  1. The renovated building features increased accessibility for individuals of all mobility and capability and is compliant with all relevant accessibility legislation such as AODA
  2. The renovated Kitchen and Dining Hall increases the efficiency and effectiveness of preparing, cooking and delivering meals during camp and specialty weekends
  3. The renovated Dining Hall provides increased seating capacity and improved comfort in seating
  4. The renovated Dining Hall provides increased ventilation