Dining Hall Renovations Underway

The existing Dining Hall was built in 1961 and is in need of renovations to bring it up to current codes as well as to bring it in line with the expectations of our clientele. In order to adequately renovate the building it needs to be set on a solid foundation. When built in 1961 it was placed on concrete blocks set on the ground. Over the years it has shifted, sagged and tilted. Surprisingly the building is still fairly solid. However it does need some major improvements.

Before any improvements can be made, the building needs to be set on a solid foundation. The building has been raised, a solid concrete foundation poured, new beams added and then the building will be set back down on the new foundation. Phase 1 is now underway

Once that is complete the interior work can begin which will include, but is not limited to, a re-design of the front of the building, new flooring, new steel roof, new kitchen oven, new suppression hood over stoves, and several other interior upgrades. These improvements will not only enhance the experience but will provide for improved accessibility

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