Can One Person Make A Difference?

Can one person make a difference? We believe the answer is “yes!” Camp Cherith is seeking to engage with the people who saw their life changed at Cherith and asking if they would consider giving back. All we looking for is as little as $10 a month

The old expression “many hands make light work” can be applied to many things in life; even to the financial support of Camp Cherith.

If 500 people were to give as little as $15 a month that would amount to $90,000 dollars a year in donations invested into the ongoing mission of Camp Cherith.

One place these additional funds would go is towards Camper Scholarships. Although we attempt to keep our fees affordable we receive many requests for financial assistance each year. We have always attempted to provide financial assistance, but we feel the need to be strategic / intentional. We want to do something with the power to bring significant, long-term, positive change to children and families. We would ask you to partner with Camp Cherith in its passionate commitment to being a vessel of God’s love to our children and youth.

What else would we do? We would focus on investing resources into our facilities and programs. Many of the buildings were constructed in the 1960’s. They have seen thousands of campers and have served camp well. However, times have changed. New building codes, greater expectations of camper families, changing government regulations are creating challenges. Your gifts would enable us to finish the Dining Hall renovations, replace the remaining old camper cabins, upgrade activity equipment such as waterfront, equestrian, target sports, and much more.

$90,000 is a big number

500 people donating $15 a month would cover it, OR

300 people donating $25 a month would cover it, OR

150 people donation $50 a month would cover it.   You get the idea.

Now, my question is ….

Will you consider how much you can give to support the ongoing ministry of Camp Cherith. You can be a part of making a difference in the lives of campers. We’re not asking you to give up more than maybe a coffee or two a month. Maybe you can give more? Perhaps encourage a friend or family member to invest in the lives of children and youth?

You can set up a monthly donation on line at and click on the Canada Helps icon, or you can mail postdated cheques, or authorize a monthly charge to your credit card.

Thank you in advance for your part in ensuring that the Cherith ministry will continue reaching souls with the Gospel, discipling young people and developing Godly leaders for years to come.