Testimonials 2016

I have spent many moments thinking on this summer and my past years and I am left in awe on how God works at camp. As a teen I didn’t truly appreciate it but seeing it again from a staff perspective has connected me with God’s faithfulness,yet again. I see it in the legacy passed through generations, I see it in the spiritual growth of staff, I see it in the small changes of camp routine, I see it in the young workers who are trying to figure it all out but still serve God. I just see it in everything there. God is faithful to his people and his mission. I loved being back! Thank you for that opportunity.

I attended the father/son camp with my son and a friend’s son.
“Excellent.” Your execution was really very good. Registration was a breeze. The games, the balance of activity/free time, the meals were all carried off very well. I consistently dealt with staff who were capable, friendly, and helpful, as they did their jobs with smiles and great attitudes. Please pass this note along with our thanks and compliments. Well done everyone!

I just wanted to tell you I had an amazing time at camp. My week at camp was awesome. I loved it all.

Keith had an amazing time … broken wrist included. He’s healing nicely by the way. I wanted to tell you of a change we see in Keith since he came home. It has been dramatic. Immediately I was aware of how quick he was to apologize. Sometimes even before I could say anything. He has also become even more affectionate. He has always been a hugger but he has stepped up and is making sure we both get our quotient of hugs for the day.
In Keith’s words before camp he was “on God’s team” meaning he was a child of God. However, something more has happened at camp. Something was said to him that boosted him to a new level of Christ likeness. I find it amazing to watch as Keith grows into young man of God. I feel privileged to be the mom of such a caring and giving teen.
Thank you so much for your influence on him. We look forward to sending him next year.

Anna and Kate are still on a camp high! Kate has been diligently doing bible readings before bed on her own initiative. Anna is taking leadership at church and leading some of the children and youth programs. Her confidence has increased significantly.

Thanks for the camp ministry with which you are so dedicated. It has certainly challenged, in beneficial ways, our whole family.

We received the postcard in the mail from you guys wishing her a happy birthday. She and I would like to thank you for thinking about her on her birthday. She had a good day and also school is going great for her so far.
Anyways thank you very much for the postcard it was very much appreciated.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the awesome time my kids had at your camp, they are looking forward to next year already and Dani didn’t even want to come home! I truly appreciate what you do for all the kids but especially mine. Reading daily in their bible opened their eyes to new things, they made new friends and experienced things they never have before.