Letter from the Director 2016

So what is it about Camp Cherith that makes it such a powerful experience?

Camp Cherith is community; a safe Christian community where your son or daughter will experience biblical principles in relationship, through modeling and guided practice led by carefully trained Christian staff members.

Camp is basic. Unplugged from technology, campers can concentrate on what’s really important – developing authentic relationships with God and others. Time spent in God’s Word during personal quiet time or in cabin group Bible study has the power to change lives. A week at camp is filled with shared face-to-face experiences like singing after meals in the dining hall and around the campfire at night, putting on skits, or taking a hike in the beautiful Saugeen Valley with your cabin group. These shared experiences help build relationships that often last a lifetime.

The Camp Cherith experience gives campers a unique chance to be “on their own” within a safe, well-supervised Christian environment. At camp, campers can develop their own identities and broaden their network of adult role models who care about them, listen to them, and mentor them according to biblical principles. Camp also offers boys and girls a close-up look at servant-leadership and opportunities to practice being a leader.

Camp is outdoors. The rustic facilities and outdoor oriented programs give campers the opportunity to learn about, feel comfortable in, and embrace God’s creation. Watching campers fishing, studying a turtle in the Burrow (nature centre) exploring the beaver dam, I have seen them broaden their appreciation and understanding of the Creator and His creation in a way that doesn’t happen in the classroom.

Camp is active. Campers are on-the-go all day, involved in activities that help build confidence and self-esteem as they learn new skills. Camp Cherith activities are designed to be challenging while giving campers reasonable, achievable expectations for success. The perseverance that comes from learning new skills at camp can translate into the “I can” attitude so important to success in other areas of life. Camp also teaches the campers how to be active participants in the learning process, ask questions, ask for help, and try new things. Campers learn that it’s okay to feel uncomfortable as part of the learning process. Participating in the active learning experiences at camp helps the campers practice and learn life skills, such as decision-making, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and reflective skills.

As a director, I have seen boys and girls return year after year, seeing the significant influence of the camp experience on their character, faith, leadership, and life skills. For so many, camp has played a significant role in helping them to become effective servant-leaders on the mission field as well as in fields like medicine, education, and business.

The opportunities for growth and learning at camp are not exclusive to Camp Cherith, but they are concentrated at camp. Under the direction and influence of caring Christian staff members in the safe, intentional Christian community filled with opportunities for active learning and developing authentic relationships, boys and girls can grow to be strong godly men and women. I wholeheartedly encourage you to provide this powerful growth experience for your son or daughter this summer!