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Online Application Form for New and Returning Campers!


This option is available for those wishing to pay by credit card.
All others, please download and print the form, then mail it in with your cheque.





Please fill out the online application form completely and accurately including your credit card information.


If downloading the blank form to complete in Adobe Reader, once done, click File, then Save As to save the file as a PDF document on your computer.  Then attach it in an email to: cherithregistrar@bellnet.ca   This is probably the best method for completing and sending the form. Note: If a message comes up requiring a font package download, please click cancel and continue to fill out the form.  It is not needed.  Thank you.    


If trying to fill out the form in your web browser, the “Save” function no longer embeds text in the form fields.  Instead, when done, go to Print, then Print to PDF in order to save the file as a PDF document on your computer, then attach it in an email to: cherithregistrar@bellnet.ca


Please click next to complete the online application.